Ellington Hills – the luxury residential area in Astana

1st stage of construction — the fourth quarter of 2023
Ellington Hills is a luxury residential area that combines the convenience of living in the city with the pleasures of country life. The Ellington Hills residences are the epitome of luxury and aesthetics, a combination of original architectural solutions and premium building materials.
100 townhouses and 36 detached houses are to be built in the Ellington Hills residential area. For the convenience of the residents, ready-made planning solutions have been developed. We also have the option of commissioning a residence with a turnkey repair. If you have your own vision of the future arrangement of the house, you can move or remove the partitions in the townhouses or choose a free layout for a detached house
Spacious heated terraces
A comfortable space for family dinners with sunset views
Heating of the porch and the entrance area
No puddles, snow or ice all year round
Garages and carports
Warm and dry parking space for 1 or 2 cars
Swimming pool in the house
The possibility of equipping the pool area with an air dehumidification system
Comfort and privacy
A spacious distance between the houses (13 meters and up)
Landscape design
High hedges made up of two-meter thujas on each house plot
Types of housing available at Ellington Hills
Detached houses
  • Ceiling height up to 8.3 m
  • Height of stained glass windows up to 8 m
  • 2 terraces
  • Maintenance room
  • Pool area with dehumidification system
  • Own territory
  • Garage for 2 cars
  • Ceiling height up to 7.74 m
  • Height of stained glass windows up to 5.67 m
  • 2 terraces
  • Garage for 1 car
  • 2 parking spaces under a canopy
A comfortable space with an area of 273 sq.m. and the option of choosing a planning solution:
A luxurious living space with an area of 600 sq.m. and the option of a free layout:
The Ellington Hills residential area is located in an ecologically clean part of Astana. You can enjoy the quiet and live in harmony with nature. The picturesque Sal Seri alley, a lake and a promenade are within walking distance. In the close vicinity of Ellington Hills a large shopping and entertainment centre – Aspan Mall is to be constructed
Multi-level facades, a combination of simple geometric shapes, varying window heights, alternation of finishing materials and textured accents create an infinite number of unique views of your home. Architectural solutions of the residential area include stained-glass windows and a second light. Each residence has two terraces. The ceiling height is 8.3 m in the detached houses, and up to 7.7 m in the townhouses.
Ellington Hills is the first, and as yet the only, developer in Kazakhstan to use copper panels in the construction of houses. The facades are finished either with panels in the standard bronze colour or with the artificially oxidized ones in the noble green colour that looks so impressive in the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower.
Original architectural solutions of the residential area
We are the first in Kazakhstan to use copper metal plates in facade finishing
Architectural solutions
The project has been developed by the European architectural bureau Arch-boom.
The passages throughout the residential area are made of granite paving stones. This type of paving is highly durable, resistant to mechanical and temperature influences as well as environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. This detail creates the atmosphere of walking through an old Italian town.
For the facades of Ellington Hills residences we use LB Corso Selmo MIG hand-molded clinker bricks. When making the masonry, certain bricks are slightly embedded in order to make the facade of the house look differently during the day due to the play of light and shadow.
Building materials
Especially for its flagship project, the developer produced a special model of large-format bricks.
Custom-made bricks
We use premium building materials of the leading European brands for the construction of Ellington Hills residences
The common draining system quickly removes water during periods of high precipitation and snowmelt. The streets of Ellington Hills are always dry and clean.
The draining system
Granite paving stones
The Italian hand-molded brick
The exclusive Lossnay ventilation and air recovery system by Mitsubishi Electric
The unique system of ventilation and air recuperation makes it possible to recover up to 70% of the energy that is spent on cooling or heating of the air in the premises. This contributes not only to a favourable microclimate in your home, but also significantly reduces your energy costs.
Security and fire safety system with video surveillance
Ellington Hills cottages and townhouses are equipped with smoke detectors and flood detectors to respond quickly in the event of a problem. Video surveillance is installed around the entire perimeter. The territory is monitored around the clock with personal access for each tenant.
Ceramic chimneys guarantee the wellbeing of our residents. Due to the lack of any relief on the inside, they do not accumulate soot at all, and also have high resistance to acids and temperatures. In addition, the Shieldel ceramic chimneys have an extended service life of at least 30 years.
Ceramic chimneys for the fireplace by Shieldel
Central networks of heating, water and power supply
The Ellington Hills residential area has access to the city’s central communication networks, which provides its residents with a stable supply of water, heat and electricity. It also significantly reduces the equipment wear as well as the maintenance costs.
Technologies and Solutions
We know how important comfort and functionality are. That is why Ellington Hills offers its residents solutions that are thought through to the tiniest detail.
The infrastructure
Exclusively for the residents of Ellington Hills, a special public space – the Gallery has been created. Having an area of more than 6,000 sq.m., it provides you with everything you need for maximum comfort:
Children's playroom with an area of 200 sq.m equipped with a video surveillance system
Swimming pool fit both for adults and babies
Fitness centre with an area of 2000 sq.m
Supermarket with home delivery
Laundry and dry cleaning with the concierge service
A restaurant, a coffee house, a banquet hall for 150 seats, a lounge area for relaxation and business meetings
The sports infrastructure of the residential area takes into account the interests of all its residents, regardless of their age and preferences:
  • Playgrounds with separate areas for the children of different ages provide active and safe leisure both for the toddlers and for the older children
  • Exclusive access for Ellington Hills residents to the jogging and cycling trails
  • An outdoor tennis court allows residents to unwind after the day's work and keep fit
  • A fully equipped football field and basketball court provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy team sports
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The developer
The Ellington Hills brand originates from the creation of the Astana Ceramic brick factory. During the 16 years of successful work in the field of construction materials, Astana Ceramic has established itself as a highly reliable manufacturer and supplier of quality bricks. Now the company starts out as a developer under the Ellington Hills brand and launches its own construction project – Ellington Hills residential area.
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